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Pawsome Clean-Up technician spraying deodorizer

Our dogs aren’t just pets, they are a large part of our family.  They are “Man’s Best Friends”!   They provide years of companionship and unwavering love for the families which they are a part of.  All that being said, in today’s busy world, families want to spend more time enjoying each other and less time performing time-consuming chores.  With all the joy that our Pawsome Pals bring to the family, they also bring the consistent production of waste, subsequently leading to the oft foul odor, and insistent blemish producing spotting on our lawns.  While all the piles of love, occasional off-odors, and brown patches in the world could never diminish the joy of our Pawsome Pals’ worth, they can prove to be a tireless, time-consuming drain on family time and work-life balance.  At Pawsome Clean-Up we stand ready to provide you with a solution to the challenges presented with having a Pawsome Pal family member.

Pawsome Clean-Up offers solutions for Dog waste pick-up and disposal to fit your family’s specific needs.  While a weekly service may fit some Pawsome families, we offer multiple-day visits during the week if your conditions require.  From a single Pawsome Pal family to a total Pawsome Pack, we have options to take your family from “Piles to Smiles”!  Along with dog waste pick-up and disposal, our trained Pawsome specialists are consistently making observations to assess dog-fitness and overall health.  The AKC has published extensive guidance on canine fecal production and provided guidelines to allow trained owners and specialists to gauge canine health.  Pawsome Clean-Up uses AKC guidelines to provide training that our Pawsome Experts utilize to give Pawsome Pal parents feedback and assessment.  Just like a barometer isn’t a meteorologist, a pawsome expert isn’t a veterinarian, but we can provide observations and information.  We want to do everything we can to provide Pawsome Parents a long and happy relationship with their Pawsome Pals.

Pawsome Clean-Up also offers additional support to homeowners by offering a natural, eco-friendly yard deodorization service.  With any waste, smells are an unfavorable side effect.  Pawsome Clean-Up utilizes a concentrated citronella solution to mitigate the unwanted scents of dog waste.  All products used are specifically formulated and labeled for use in lawns, patios, and kennels.  With the Pawsome Clean-up deodorization, you’re guaranteed to know that you’ve had a pick-up and a freshen-up.  This service has proven to be most valued by our customers with close neighbors, smaller yards, and overbearing HOA’s.  


Finally, our Pawsome Clean-Up service portfolio is rounded out with our brown-spot urine mitigation treatment.  Pawsome Pals are creatures of habit.  As a Pawsome parent, I’m sure you may have noticed that our pals love to “use the facilities” in much of the same area.  While lawns and healthy turf are very resilient, consistent exposure to uric acid and other contents of canine waste can prove to be too much for turf and soil.  Our pals are constantly inundating the soil with waste which produces unsightly spotting throughout the lawn.  Our brown-spot urine mitigation treatment utilizes a proprietary blend of organic compounds, non-pathogenic bacteria, and earth minerals to restore balance to soil.  We make the soil beneath your lawn healthy again and capable of sustaining turf.  Many of our customers with warm-weather grasses often experience patch recovery with no further action.  Cool weather grasses will require additional seeding or transplant, but the soil will be free of canine contaminants after treatment.  


At Pawsome Clean-Up we strive to enhance the strong bonds you have with your Pawsome Pals.  It is our goal to provide our families and customers with all of the benefits of dog ownership while we take care of the undesirable aspects.  Yes!, we are a pooper scooper business, but with our additional offerings and dedication to providing the best dog waste service available, we are so much more!  We stand ready to listen, serve, and communicate with our families so that every experience with us is… PAWSOME!

Pawsome Clean-up technician scooping dog waste
Pawsome Clean-Up technician treating dog urine spots
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