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Indian Trail, NC 28079

Charlotte, NC 28209

Tel: (704) 828-PAWS (7297)

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What areas are cleaned in the backyard?

The backyard includes the grass, artificial turf, patios,  landscaped areas, flowerbeds, rock areas, pool decks, under trampolines, around playground equipment and everywhere else. We can also include the front or side yard(s) upon request. 

Can I leave my dog in the backyard when the service is being performed

We have an extensive experience with dogs and we already love yours! Your dog can be in the yard, but if your dog will not allow us to scoop safely we ask that it is put up.

How do you find the poop?

We have a careful process to ensure we find every bit of dog poop on your property. The technicians are very thorough and trained in dog poop removal. They walk in a grid-like pattern scanning back and forth to find every dropping. When they are done, they’ll do a second walk-through. You can rest assured that our services are backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Is your company insured? 


Is your service guaranteed? 

Yes! Although we have a very strong pickup strategy, some human mistakes can happen, if this is your case fell free to call us and you'll get your money back. 

Do you remove waste all year long? 

Your dog poops all year long, so we pick up all year long. Pawsome' services are available in winter, spring, summer, and fall! There is no temperature too hot or too cold for our team. However we won't service if it is unsafe weather such as lightning and heavy rain. If this happens we will reschedule.

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