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The Team

Who We Are




Christian is a North Carolina native, and has ten years of experience in the service industry. Christian co-founded the largest Charlotte based pest control company in the U.S. - Aruza.

He personally enjoys tennis and going to the gym. Christian has a passion for animals and entrepreneurship.  



Thomas (Chris) Moore is a distinguished veteran, having served in both the United States Army and the service industry. His journey commenced as a Psychological Operations Specialist in the US Army, where he proudly served the nation across multiple theaters. Chris's deployments to Iraq, Bangladesh, Thailand, Cyprus, and India showcased his dedication, culminating in his role as a decorated Non-Commissioned Officer.

With a tenure of six years at Killingsworth Environmental, a Charlotte-based pest control company, Chris led residential sales operations with unmatched prowess. Transitioning to Aruza Pest Control, he assumed the responsibility of directing call center operations. Shortly thereafter, a remarkable opportunity arose, propelling him to the esteemed position of Vice President of Branch Operations and CX. Chris's unwavering focus on the "people business," particularly within the realm of home services, has evolved into both his professional pursuit and personal passion.

Amidst his extraordinary journey, Chris has been accompanied by his wife, Melanie, and his beloved dogs: Frankie, Lacey, and Bucky. The joy of fathering two sons, Davis and Phillip, adds an enriching layer to his life. Beyond his professional commitments, Chris is an ardent dog lover, sports enthusiast, and a devoted golfer.

COO of Pawsome Clean-Up, a dog waste removal company


Chief Dog OFFicer

My pops never liked dogs growing up (weird, right?), but mom negotiated long and forcefully to get me – a handsome, athletic, squirrel-hunting chocolate Cocker Spaniel named Boomer.  The beginning was a little tough (I chewed his Xbox cord), but little did he know he would soon be completely obsessed over me. As I got bigger, Pops got tired of my sh*t – literally. My poor Pops was bending over, sticking his head in the trash can, and sacrificing his Xbox time to scoop poop. I said to Pops, “Pops, your water bowl is half empty. I think this would be a great business idea. Think of the convenience, the clean smell, and a landmine-free yards we can make for kids and families to enjoy.”  Pops immediately recognized my genius, and after negotiating extra pup cups, we had a deal. We went on the interwebs and co-founded Pawsome Clean-Up (my idea). We aim to serve and please every dog and their families all over Charlotte. It would be my pleasure to do business with you!  Let us take care of all your poop-scooping and pet waste removal needs.

Boomer, Co-Founder & Chief Dog Officer

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